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What does 'Mā Śucaḥ Āyuṣkendra' mean?
Mā Śucaḥ Āyuṣkendra is a phrase in Sanskrit, where Mā Śucaḥ means ‘Do Not Worry’ and ‘Āyuṣkendra’ is the centre for life.
The name takes inspiration from the author's personal anecdote.
Several years ago, she visited a temple in Kancheepuram, India. She was engulfed with positivity on witnessing the right palm of the sacred idol of Lord Varadaraja. Words 'Mā Śucaḥ' inscribed on it. It felt like a beautiful gesture, where each person visiting is seemingly assured by the divine being that the lord would now take care of the visitor.

About the Vaidya

Vd (Dr Ayu) Sathyavathi S

Vaidya Sathyavathi S. (commonly addressed as Sashi)completed her graduation in Āyurvedā from Āyurved Mahavidyalaya, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, in Mumbai and further obtained a post graduate diploma in medical law and ethics from National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore. She is a registered member of the Ayurvedic Professionals Association (APA), UK.

She has been the disciple of eminent gurus like (Late) Vaidya Ratna Dr. K.S.Viswanatha Sarma, Chennai, (Late) Dr. Narayan Patwardhan, Mumbai, Dr. Devchand Gala, Mumbai, Vd. P.T. Joshi, Dhule. Parallelly she has worked under heterogeneous health specialists like surgeons, pediatricians, gynecologists, general physicians to enhance her knowledge of modern medicine. She has been practicing Āyurvedā in Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore, India. She has now started her wellness center in the beautiful city of Bristol, UK. 

Her approach towards treatment leverages controlled fasting, yogā as therapy, diet and lifestyle modification, marma therapy and minimal use of medications and/or panchakarmā customized for each individual. She is a Vipassana meditation practitioner and has a holistic approach involving the mind as a modality along with the body. She is a polyglot, speaking seven languages, and continues adding more to her arsenal claiming language is the first form of connection.  She has been a firm believer and propagator of the science, Āyurvedā and it is her primary objective to create mass awareness and carry this wisdom around the globe.

Sathyavathi was inspired by her grandmother, an ever loving and healing soul, to venture in this path of Ayurveda.

To know more about her journey with Ayurveda and the marvelous stories she has to share, read her blogs.

Mā Śuca Āyukendra


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To be the humble vessel that carries the greatness of Ayurveda across the globe is the sole purpose of this establishment!



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