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Āyurvedā has stood the test of time. It is a very ancient science that is said to have been prevalent in the subcontinents of south Asia. Āyurvedic texts describe Āyurvedā as eternal, it is as old as time itself! 

Despite all the centuries that passed by, being the wisdom of life itself, Āyurvedā stands relevant even today. Āyurvedā is versatile and its boundaries are not limited to any region or space. 

Nature's gift to life on Earth

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What's Ayurveda?

What's Āyurvedā?

Āyurvedā has been beautifully defined by Ācārya Caraka in his treatise, the Caraka Samhita. He says, 

'Āyurvedā is the wisdom of life in all its dualities. It encompasses the knowledge of healthy life as it does of a life that is frail; of all the elements that are seats of happiness in life and also of those that become the reason for a sorrowful life. It contains  the markers and tools for measuring life, describing the parameters for longetivity.'

In simpler terms, Ayurveda is the embodiment of life in all its forms and variations.

Āyurvedā is not merely the texts and treatises that contain it. Āyurvedā is all around us and within us. This profound wisdom is present innately in all life forms on this planet and all you need to do is listen. Nature is the best textbook for Āyurvedā and your body is the best guide! 

Motto of Āyurvedā

The main motto of Āyurvedā are-

To sustain the health of the healthy;

To cure the ailments of the ailing.

Purpose of Āyurvedā

To carry out any task in this world, a healthy body is essential.

Be it performing a duty, indulging the senses or earning wealth. 

Preserving health, thus, is the major purpose of Āyurvedā.

Āyurvedā is Holistic

Āyurvedā looks at a person as the union of the body, mind and consciousness; and does not reduce it as a mere body part or an ailment. Caring and treating for all three components in all the circumstances is how Āyurvedā functions. 

Why Āyurvedā?

Āyurvedā, summarising all that is mentioned above, is

An essence of life

Time tested for several centuries

Preventive healthcare



Operates in all the regions of the globe without restrictions

Natural, simple, efficient and accurate

Why Ayurveda?

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