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Compiled below are some of the feedback Sashi has received in the past. Please follow the link to see current google reviews

Firstly, I came across Sashi when I was at a very low point in my life and I'll be forever grateful that I did. Although we had to initially work remotely due to the pandemic, her attention to detail, compassion and knowledge made it feel lie she was right next to me.

During the last 5 months, she has gently guided and taught me so much about myself and my body.

As a 63 year old, my body was tired and aching, but through a custom-made program, one to one zoom meetings and face to face consultationss, I am discovering my true essence, and my body is healing and responding quickly.

Not only through yoga exercises, breathing and meditation, but also diet recommendations & lifestyle routines I am learning practices that enhance my life, making me feel grounded and focused.

What was once a scatty changeable brain, with frequent episodes of depression, is now becoming focused and steady, while happily working, with self-love, towards my goals and dreams.

Sashi has so much knowledge, compassion and integrity, with an overriding passion to help others and do service. She is wise, an inspiration, teacher, friends and my guru.

I cannot recommend her highly enough, give yourself a true gift of love, you will get so much more than you thought possible.

Rae S

Bristol, United Kingdom

Sashi is helping me unlock my limiting beliefs I have about my wellness. In our time we talk and explore my life together and the guidance she gives is subtly making me feel more comfortable, more myself, every week.
Ayurveda feels a lot like a way of tuning into me, my nature. Sashi is showing me how to learn more about nature and I am blessed and forever grateful for all the time she shares with me.

Clair Patey

United Kingdom

Dr. Sathyavathi is absolutely amazing, her level of professionalism is on point and beyond.

She has in-depth knowledge of ayurveda and providing advice and support to suit individual needs.

It's not been that long since I've been under her care but I instantly noticed the change in health.

Her communication methods are personal and efficient. Knowing if I have any questions at anytime in how to take medication to food preparation, Dr. Sathyavathi has been on hand to support. It's like a personal advisor the a click of a finger.

Varsha Vekaria


I was a ‘pop the pill and run’ person until Dr.Sashi walked into my life with a cheerful persona and a helping hand as an Ayurvedic doctor. I wasn’t into Ayurveda - It was Dr. Sashi’s amazing insights that made it a way of life for me. She’s always been on my SOS and I trust the way she formulates an individualized treatment plan after carefully listening to your ailments. Even if something didn’t work, she would always have a constructive plan B which shows her expertise. She makes it a point to check on her patients from time to time despite her busy schedule which shows her compassion. I am truly grateful to Dr. Sashi for all that she’s done for me and my family.

Aaditya Raja

California, U.S.A

Firstly, I want to thank you for making me feel so comfortable and keeping a check on all my health concerns, treating me in the right manner. You have introduced me to this entirely new concept that Ayurveda can also treat your health concerns with a proper routine if followed properly... Because of you, I have been doing well... You are truly a remarkable doctor that I trust... You're my positivity queen! Thank you...

Snehal Suvarna


Mumbai, India

Sometimes it takes more than a doctor to heal from an ailment. It takes a friend who listens carefully, understands, empathizes and treats with great care. Dr. Sashi is one of those rare doctors, who is also a great friend.

Her friendly attitude towards her patients coupled with her in depth knowledge of the age old science of ayurveda makes her a go to person for not just curing ailments, but also for guidance regarding life and lifestyle. Although a reactive approach could help cure an ailment, her consultations also help develop a proactive approach to making healthy lifestyle choices and maintaining overall health and well being.

And when it comes to treatment, her process is more scientific than any doctor I have  been to. Voltaire's "Judge a man by his questions" quote, I believe, applies more to doctors than any of the other professionals. I judge doctors by their questions. And Dr. Sashi asks the right questions, and with her deductive reasoning capabilities, gets to the right conclusion regarding an ailment. It is only then that her treatment begins.

And what better treatment could there be than what ayurveda offers? To heal without any side effects is a boon, a gift to mankind by the saints of ancient India. And Dr. Sashi brings to you just that.

One key highlight of her treatment process is her availability. Whenever needed, she is available on WhatsApp or call. She has this inherent attachment towards her work, which makes her cater to her patients like someone would cater to their kin.

Lastly, if I were to rate her on a scale of one to ten, I would have a hard time not to be able to give her an eleven :)

Mayur shah

Business analyst

Bangalore, India

Mayur Shah

Wonderful experience with Ayurveda

Rohini Aiyer


Mumbai India

You don’t believe unless you experience....

This fits well for Sathyavathi and her expertise in Ayurveda....

She’s a healer and has the Substance to Soothe a Soul...

I was just a tiny boy by size when I met her for the first time.I was curious to meet her through the references i got about her.So when I met her I was like 'oh my god she is really calm and composed'. She is extremely talented and a lovely person in my personal opinion.

I was suffering with severe Urticaria for a year and a half, that would hamper my daily routine as well impact my studies.On a note, I was not willing to consult any doctor for the treatment.But then I consulted her and it gave me relief. When I started the medicines she gave me, I started healing. I completed the course within 2 to 3 months.

Before all this I didn't like any medicines, but she changed my opinion towards medicines and it was quite effective. It's like you have to be a good patient person to overcome your disease, which I did because i needed to overcome it. Also, I had to quit all the junk food that was the reason for my urticaria. I've been on a strict diet which is helping me even today 3 years later.

She treats you very well and makes you feel comfortable and that's the best part during any treatment.

Parth Patel


Mumbai, India

Pink Sea

I had a perception that Ayurveda is a slow remedy until I met Dr. Sathyavathi.
I was bit frustrated with my skin and acne problem but thanks to you Doctor. She is not just Doctor for me, She is also a Teacher, a Friend, a Guide. 
I am Glad that Sathyavathi is my Doctor and I am one of her 1st few patients.Thank you for being available at any hour. Keep calm and Trust Dr.Sathyavathi, results are on its way."

Vishal sharma

marketing executive

Mumbai, India

It is the system of medicine with historical roots in Indian subcontinent. My experience with ayurveda treatment is dated back in 2015 when I was diagnosed with TB and I was away from home for 6 months. Though I had to undergo regular TB course for 9 months for its treatment, but ayurveda helped me to withstand the possible side effects of medicines which I was having.
Shashi (Sathyavathi) is a very positive person and she has that aura around her which makes you feel that everything will be alright. She follows a basic principle that every disease in human body is because of improper functioning of agni (digestive juices) which becomes the root cause for malfunction in body. During my TB days she suggested me few basic techniques of Pranayam and few ayurvedic medicines to be taken along with my regular TB medicines and it proved fruitful. Being a science student I have a curious brain, which made me believe that TB makes certain area of lung tissues go dead which means reduced lung capacity and since I like climbing mountains this was a bad sign for me.
Shashi told me not to worry on that part and start practicing the instructions she gave and everything will be fine and it really went fine.


Last month I was in Himalayas climbing mountains at 14000 ft and my lungs supported me pretty well and every time I was thankful to her.

Vishal shah

mechanical engineer

Mumbai, India

Testimonials for Workshop

Workshop testimonials

In an internet full of cliched messaging on fitness and wellness around how to lose weight and get that designer body, Sashi’s program is a rare relief of fresh air that I’d recommend to anybody that is out there feeling stuck and just auto-piloting their days through modern life.
The program, through its simplicity and lucidity offers a unique perspective on wellness that teaches one to think within and understand the why behind the behavioral patterns, both of the mind and the body.
Sashi is wise well beyond her age and has a way of empowering one with the right tools and perspectives to self-heal and sustain overall wellness.
It is one of those programs that I wish every single person gets the chance to go through to understand themselves the right way, just a little bit more.

Ashwath Iyer

North Carolina, U.S.A

There are 2 people working out in same place and at same room temperature and doing same set of exercises, but one among them sweats profusely while the other may not feel hot at all. If such is the difference between 2 people then how will be the same paracetamol effective for both? This question by Vaidya Satyavathi (Sashi) triggered my interest towards vast life science Ayurveda. Her workshop "Secrets of Healthy living" made it clear that Ayurveda is not just herbs, it is lot more than that. It is a complete life science, it is our food, sleep, routine, quantity, quality ,mindfulness, dedication, willingness. The workshop conducted by her was designed systematically and logically to cover all the basic concepts of Ayurveda required for healthy living. Vaidya Satyavathi 1st beautifully explains the concepts, the problems and why the foresaid solution would work, then prescribes the changes in diet according to individual body type.

Never have I in my life met a person with such zeal towards her profession and client as Sashi. She doesn't only prescribe treatment but keeps tracking you and makes sure you do follow things. She is always available at the tip of your fingers. And believe she has got all the time in the world to listen and answer to your queries until you understand things. Many times it has so happened that when we don't text her for a while, she texts to check if everything is fine on our side. Doesn't that speak volumes about her as a person?

Though the workshop lasted only for 12 hours but my journey with Ayurveda under guidance of Sashi has continued to grow over last 4 months. She has been responding to every small query i ask about my health, my parents health, my siblings health. She is always one "Hi" away from her clients.

"A true doctor is one who puts you off from your medicines" . Vaidya Satyavathi is a master at getting this thing done. Thank you .Grateful to have met someone like you :)

Sachin Kencha

Bangalore, India

I spend a lot of time in a day under A/C. I was suffering from frequent cold/cough and sinus problems.
In the secrets of healthy living workshop - I learnt the whole deal about human body and how each of us are so different.
The workshop helped me understand my body and what kind of food is suitable, and what is not. Now I also know how to treat my frequent cold/cough and how to keep myself energized for whole day. Shashi (Sathyavathi) also shared a lot of Ayurveda knowledge about food combinations, Dinacharya, and what changes to make in our life style when season changes, and much more. I feel I have a lot more control in my life than I had before.
Shashi is always reachable, and always provides solutions for any problem what so ever, and with great detail to understand the underlying reason for any problem :)

Harish B n

software engineer

Bangalore, India

Sathyavathi's four week workshop titled Secrets of Healthy Living was a wonderful, educative and explorative workshop spread across four weeks and over 12 hours.

It is but a rare sight to find a doctor so willing to share and guide the participants of the workshop in such a detailed, systematic and affable manner, especially considering that most of the crowd  were from non_medical background 😀

From booklets to charts to presentations to live demonstration and give aways to work on, the workshop had it all. 

More importantly, it set each one of us on a journey of Self Exploration and understanding one's own nature or prakruti as it is called and modify the life style accordingly.

Many a myths were broken and new perspectives gained. 

This is one workshop I would definitely recommend everyone to attend. 

Thanks again!

Seema karanth
professional storyteller

Bangalore, India


Thank you Sashi and thanks Vinay 🙏🏼 For me the most interesting part was that how you guys have taken a vast and amazing subject like Ayurveda and packaged into a 12 hr workshop and even though we got only 12 hr of basic knowledge, we are already able to see huge benefits.  
1. I felt many times in workshop like Sashi was describing exactly the health issues I am currently facing ☺ 
2. Already seeing my health improving so much with small changes 
3. Small tips we can already implement very easily and more importantly we can already implement for our kids from the beginning itself
  I don’t know why this subject is not mainstream in our culture as of today but I strongly feel that time has come

One more thing I want to share: for me these ideas feel extremely new and unfamiliar because the only concept that I knew before your workshop is ushna and thampu (hot and cold foods) - it feels like my mom or other participants were getting it so easily probably because they are already quite familiar and somewhat practising already - this especially makes it more important to make this part of our daily life - this vata pitta kapha language should become part of our daily vocabulary and discussion - especially now I feel jealous of my neighbors who talk this language every single day ☺ but I was indifferent to it - but now even though it might be slow for me, I would like to imbibe these concepts into my daily life and give tips to my kids through this so that they start early on this.

Abhishek Ramesh

Senior software engineer

Bangalore, India


“I really appreciated the insight that was provided, and the time you took following the session to provide additional feedback . Got great understanding of Ayurveda and its importance in our day to day life and ayurveda is way of life and not a treatment or medicine… I’ve already started the application and knowledge of the workshop in my day to day life, really appreciate your passion and patience to answer all the qureies . Kudos”

S Vishwa Harsha

Branding specialist

Bangalore, India

Dr Shashi's workshop on healthy living was an eye opener for me. It helped me understand why I am the way I am and work on my shortcomings for a better life ! Simple lifestyle changes like using thriphala eye drops daily , dinner by sunset has made a huge difference! I could notice the difference right from the first day . Thriphala eye drops worked like magic , it helped relive my ever itchy eyes and dinner by sunset helped me wake up without hitting the snooze button....! Thanks a lot for those wonderful sessions!

Manasa Lokanath
Software engineer

Bangalore, India

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