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The Choice

In the Ayurvedic community it is often told that Ayurveda chooses you and it's never the other way round. I was amazed the first time I heard it but couldn't quite comprehend the essence of that statement. Several years later, today, when I sit down and look back at life, I realise nature has incredible power. It fills me with humility to know that the choices I believed I made was nature guiding me all through.

Ayurveda is nature's way of letting us realise her!

Ever since I could speak in statements, I wanted to be a doctor. I had seen my grandmother (fondly addressed as Avva) caring for and treating several people. She knew indigenous medicines and had learnt healing through herbs from various people. I would look up to her in admiration. She was a major reason why I wanted to take up medicine as a profession. But right before college, I was totally brainwashed by all the doctors I knew to not even think of taking up medicine. I was fascinated with Biotechnology and Nanotechnology. I was convinced it is the way ahead. I could still try and stay close to health industry through these, I felt.

It was the day I had to submit a preference list for medical colleges. It was my birthday and it had been raining cats and dogs! I was sent by my father against my wish. I was never going to take up medicine, so it didn't make sense going through water waded streets and travelling over an hour for this! He asked me to not let go off any opportunity that I had received. I told him that I would only mark Ayurvedic colleges, before I left. I wanted to be the one choosing, or so I thought! I reached the place without a clue of how things functioned. I marked a few colleges I thought (rather guessed) were good and forgot about it. A few weeks later I got selected in the first college of my choice that had very meager tuition fees!

I was in dilemma here, I was chosen in the college of my choice for biotechnology as well!

I sat down with lists of pros and cons, and arranged a family meeting. Avva gently smiled in her radiant way and said, 'I always wished one of my kids would become a doctor!' And there, a decision was made and I enrolled to study Ayurveda, the dream of not one but two individuals! And, that is how Nature planned my first steps into Ayurveda. Today, I can't thank my dad enough for insisting that day and will be eternally grateful! But I will also be forever in gratitude of Nature for making my Dad stay firm on sending me that day; for making me choose Ayurveda through my Granny; for the brainwashing. If it weren't for the persusasion by all the doctors I would have chosen Allopathy and never known Ayurveda. Nature made me come to Ayurveda willingly and with respect for it.

Nature had several plans in store for me, and I will narrate them as little nuggets in the following posts!

Until next time...

Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam

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May 10, 2020

I agree,nature guides everyone one to the best path for themselves.Just need to listen to the calls of nature and keep looking for signs on the way......

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