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“A well-lived day is medicine unto itself.”

- Acharya Shunya

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(MSA Wellness)
 A Confluence for Wellness Enthusiasts

Mā Śucaḥ Āyuṣkendra

  • A wellness establishment promulgating the ancient science of well being, Ayurveda.

  • Catering to the needs of all wellness enthusiasts by providing holistic wellness services.

  • Providing healthcare consultations to all age groups.

  • Making people understand the nuances of their body dynamics through workshops

What is Āyurvedā?

Ayurveda is a profound science describing all the elements for life. A guide for health and wellness in a way that is holistic and natural. Ayurveda primarily shines a light on the fact that man and nature are deeply intertwined. Understanding the human body begins by understanding nature.

Bristol Ayurveda
Consultation and Workshops
Various consultation services, as well as educative workshops on Ayurveda, are conducted regularly.
Ayurveda blog

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Know more about the experiences of other Wellness Enthusiasts...

Sarah Edwards
Wales, UK

I was so pleased to have found Sashi, when I spoke to her, she listened to me and over the months I have been talking with her she has been a God send, I cannot praise her enough, Sashi taught me exercises which have removed the pain in my body, she gave me new ways of using food & spices, my energy has returned, I am sleeping much better, I feel younger, happier & healed. Thank you so very much Sashi. Namaste

Sarah Edwards
Wales, UK
I feel younger, happier and healed
Clair Patey

Sashi is helping me unlock my limiting beliefs I have about my wellness. In our time we talk and explore my life together and the guidance she gives is subtly making me feel more comfortable, more myself, every week.
Ayurveda feels a lot like a way of tuning into me, my nature. Sashi is showing me how to learn more about nature and I am blessed and forever grateful for all the time she shares with me.

Clair Patey
England, UK
A way of tuning into me, my nature
Rohini Aiyer,
Vasai, India

You don’t believe unless you experience....

This fits well for Sathyavathi and her expertise in Ayurveda....

She’s a healer and has the Substance to Soothe a Soul...

Rohini aiyer
vasai, India
Wonderful experience in Ayurveda
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