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Agni Karma & Viddha Karma

Ayurvedic Pain Management Therapy

  • 15 minutes
  • 10 British pounds
  • Glastonbury Wellness Centre|Bristol Wellness Centre

Service Description

Agni Karma and Viddha Karma are lesser known therapies within the Ayurvedic fraternity but widely used and prescribed by sage Sushruta. It is often touted to be beneficial in pain management but can have several other potential benefits. Agni Karma, literally translated as heat therapy, is a procedure where indirect heat is applied to specific points on the body through a specially designed small rod (7cm length, 2mm diameter) made of gold. Viddha Karma is a procedure where a sterile hollow needle is pricked or punctured at particular points on the body for therapeutic reasons. Viddha and Agni karma points are in relation to Marma points (anatomical locations where a concentration of life energy exists, a junction of consciousness and matter). These therapies are understood to release the vitiated Vata (Air and Space) dosha (Humors) from the ailing part. The body’s response to these treatments is by releasing endorphins that may help reduce pain. These treatments are generally very safe and very quick.

Contact Details

  • Inside Out Healing, 5 Three Hill View, Glastonbury BA6 8AU, UK

    + 44 7459304066

  • 73 Cavendish Road, Patchway, Bristol, UK

    + 44 7459304066

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