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Jala Shirodhara

A gentle constant flow of medicated liquids on the head

  • 30 min
  • From 20 British pounds
  • Glastonbury Wellness Centre|Bristol Wellness Centre

Service Description

Shirodhara is an ancient calming process that involves a constant flow of a liquid being poured on the forehead. Traditionally, warm medicated oils or medicated liquids are used and a constant flow for a specific duration (usually 30minutes to 60 minutes) is chosen. This process creates a very subtle micro vibration of the skull creating a biophysical impact offering mental and physical serenity. It can enhance emulate meditative states by possibly resynchronizing the neuronal pathways. People taking this therapy often report deep relaxation and mental calmness after the treatment. Shirodhara has been used for several centuries for various conditions like insomnia, headaches, mental imbalances, facial palsy, hair problems, improving digestion (when digestion is affected due to mental conditions), etc. It can also help to reduce stress and fatigue, promote deep relaxation, improve focus and memory, manage anxiety and depression, regulate mood disorders, balance the nervous system, reduce hypertension, regulate the respiration and several other benefits that may vary person to person. Here, jala meaning water, is the medium used. Along with providing all the amazing benefits, it makes it easier without having to wash the hair after. The specific herbs used will be customized for the individual. A clean towel will be provided after the session to wipe the hair. It is recommended to not have any mental stimulation after the process for the rest of the day. It would also be recommended to stay away from heavy gusts of wind, being out in the open air without covering the head or directly under bright hot sun on the day of the treatment. *Please get in touch if the contribution is more than what you can offer.*

Contact Details

  • Inside Out Healing, 5 Three Hill View, Glastonbury BA6 8AU, UK

    + 44 7459304066

  • 73 Cavendish Road, Patchway, Bristol, UK

    + 44 7459304066

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